For over a decade, YZO has produced, curated and designed numerous online exhibitions and public art projects where electronic platforms used for information/communication technology such as interactive screens in mobile environments, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and video billboards were adapted and explored as a means for creative expression and social interaction.

YZO goals and artistic objectives

• supporting the growth and development of emerging and hybrid artistic practices through exhibitions, events and commissions
• researching and developing curatorial concepts that intersect new technologies, public art and architectural space
• partnering with galleries and cultural institutions to develop interactive designs and applications to enhance, engage and distribute artworks to the public
• utilising the internet as a space for collaborative creation, dissemination and open source development
• providing resources and information to media artists through a blog and other social networks

YZO Specialties

– curating new media art
– interactive media art exhibition design, installation and production
– art applications for mobile devices
– project concept development and interface design
– media art distribution, writing, publication and promotion
– web design

YZO Board Members: Nina Czegledy, John Greyson, Jim Ruxton

Director of Programming: Michael Alstad

Artists in YZO past projects

Alistair Gentry, Amy Alexander, Ana Rewakowicz, Anna Chatterton, Andy Campbell, Bill Vorn, BlueScreen, Keith Cole, Brenda Goldstein, Brian Joseph Davis, Caitlin Fisher, Camille Turner, Cheryl Sourkes, Chris Hardwicke, Collin Zipp, Daniel Shiffman, Dave Dyment, David Bouchard, David Clark, David Crawford, David Jhave Johnston, Diane Willow, Donna Szoke, Doug Scholes, Duncan Walker, Ed Pien, Éric Raymond, Eric Rosenzveig, Experientiae Electricae, Fedora Romita, Gabe Sawhney, Germain Koh, Gernot Wieland, Gregory Chatonsky, Gwen MacGregor, Harwood, Isabelle Hayeur, JODI, Jack Butler, Jason Bader, Jason Lewis, Jason Van Horne, Jeff Howard, Jennifer LaFontaine, Jeremy Bailey, Jillian Mcdonald, Jim Ruxton, Joanna Briggs, John Greyson, John Oswald, Jon Sasaki, Judi Alston, Juliet Martin, KD Thornton, Kate Armstrong, Kelly Mark, Kostya Mitenev, Leah Lazariuk, Libby Hague, Lorna Mills, Louise McKissick, Lucinda Schreiber, Luke Lamborn, Luke Painter, Manu Luksch, Maria Legault, Marina Zurkow, Mario Côté, Maris Mezulis, Marko Peljhan, Maroussia Lévesque, Martin Howse, Martine Neddam, Matthew Biederman, May Khlobystina, Mervin Jarman, Michael Alstad, Michelle Kasprzak, Milutin Gubash, Mongrel, Monir Moniruzzaman, Mouchette, Myfanwy Ashmore, Myriam Yates, Myron Campbell, Negativeland, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Rafaël Rozendaal, Nick Rudnicki, Nicolas Fleming, Noel Harding, Norma White, Paola Poletto, Pascual Sisto, Patric Lacasse, Peter Eudenbac, Pierluigi Vecchi, Raed Mousa, Ricardo Iglesias, Ricardo Rendon, Rick Silva, Risa Horowitz, Rod Prouse, Rod Strickland, Sally McKay, Shaan Syed, Shawn Micallef, Shelley Simmons, Simon Penny, Slavica Ceperkovic, Stanza, Steve Heimbecker, Swintak, Szabolcs Kisspal, T. Whid Art Associates, Tanya Read, Trip Dixon, Valérie Lamontagne, Victoria Vesna, Virginie Laganière, Willy Le Matire, Yannick Assogba, 0100101110101101.org

YZO has worked with a wide range of partners and collaborators which include: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Subtle Technologies Festival, Wireless Toronto, Instant Coffee Collective, Avatar, Méduse, DareDare, CRUM, ZKM , MECAD, Urbanvessel, WRO Media Art Biennale, Scratch Projections, The McLuhan Programme in Art and Technology, Critical Media Society, Île Sans Fil, Mobile Digital Commons Network, Pixel Gallery, Neutral Ground, YYZ Artists Outlet, OBX Lab, WIDE Studio, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Textile Museum of Canada and the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives.