Dubious Views
Questioning Institutional Representations in Tourism and Cartography

Curators: Michelle Kasprzak, Michael Alstad, Shawn Micallef

The artists discussed in the Dubious Views online exhibition address the role of the “institution” in terms of its effect on the understanding of place. It is examined in relationship to the tourism industry, and in the context of mapmaking and geography. In both cases, the artists involved look at and play with creating alternatives to the institutional view, and attempt to challenge its singularity, its authority, and its monolithic profile.

Artists include: Eugene Atget, Sylvia Grace Borda, Janet Cardiff, Nikki S. Lee, Charles Marville, Roger Minick, [murmer], N.E. Thing Co., Shelley Niro, Louise Noguchi, One Block Radius, Paris Tourism, PDPal, Photobloggers, Pope Cellphone, Mitch Robertson, David Rokeby, Ed Ruscha, Social Fiction, Surveillance Camera Players, Michelle Teran, Townsend Retraced, Camille Turner, Urban Tapestries, and Jin-me Yoon

Gallery TPW

Virtual Museum of Canada