Second Life Workshop at InterAccess

Second Life: Foundations, Sites of Engagement, and Remediations of History

Location: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
Toronto, ON M6J 2Y8 416 599 7206

Instructors: Patrick Lichty (a.k.a. Man Michinaga), Scott Kildall (a.k.a. Great Escape), Second Front Collective
Dates: Monday July 16 and Monday, July 23, 7pm-10pm both days
Cost: $125 (non members) $100 (members)

Day 1, Monday, July 16: In person with Patrick Lichty (a.k.a. Man Michinaga) and Scott Kildall (a.k.a. Great Escape) from Second Front

Second Life is an online simulated world which has recently been in the spotlight. It has been a point of discussion at the Davos World Economic Summit and institutions such as Ars Virtua and Turblence are awarding residencies and commissions involving Second Life. Artists including Eva and Franco Mattes, Marisa Olson, and Cory Arcangel, Gaz Babeli, John Freeman and Second Front are creating works for this social space. In this introductory seminar, Scott Kildall and Patrick Lichty will give an overview of Second Life, explore details of building and scripting and comment upon the current trend towards remediation of historical works. We will ask: how does Second Life figure within New Media art praxis, and what is interesting about it as a medium?

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