subtle technologies highlights

So this is it, Subtletek week and as the festival draws near, we’ve been intensifying our blogging. Our latest posts on the contingent ecologies blog have varied from biotek for kids to eco art and green cities. So far we’ve had a workshop on making electricity from junk to power devices like cellphones.

On Friday the symposium kicks off at 9:30 am with Deborah McGregor, Associate Professor of Geography and Aboriginal Studies from Whitefish River First Nation who will speak about how sustainability from an Aboriginal perspective can light the path to understanding environmental challenges. The sessions end with a panel on Sustainable Building practices at 4:15.

Later in the evening join us for the opening of the Contingent Ecologies exhibition, a free event at InterAccess Gallery at 7:30 pm.

See what floats your boat on the art/science boat cruise on Saturday at 7:30. Zev Asher’s documentary film features a double projection with a live soundtrack/mix. Gordon Monahan, a sound artist who makes instruments, will be performing on his new Sauerkraut Synthesizer.

On Sunday at 11:15 am. bring your family on Community Day to check out events like Foodjammers. This intrepid trio of MacGyver-like chefs built a raft and hacked an electric stove to run on wood so they could make and eat pies on Lake Ontario. They built a plywood taco vending machine, a converted BBQ coffee roaster, grotto-modified cheese fridge, home made electric wind turbines, solar ovens, a hotpot hot tub, and a low-ride birthday cake with subwoofers, lights, and air suspension.

the foodjammer crew

All day on community day get your hands dirty with Adam Zaretsky who will be facilitating an interactive seed bomb workshop where you are invited to make seedballs from clay, manure, soil and seeds all provided free of charge from 9:30am to 4:30 pm.
Adam’s seedball workshop

I’ll be posting from the festival as it happens so stay tuned and see you there!

camille turner via outerregion