Géographies Variables

Created by Julie Morel from incident.net and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, Géographies Variables is a French-Quebecer program of crossed exchanges art residencies in Web/digital art. Its goal is to facilitate exchanges between the artistic communities and is especially intended for practices bound to Internet. Scheduled for two years, Géographies Variables will allow 24 artists to realize residencies, thanks to the participation of 7 artistic organizations in France and in Quebec.

It is within the framework of this program that the artists Jeanne Landry-Belleau (Québec) and David Jhave Johnston (Montréal) will realize their projects at Incident.res, Briant (France). On one hand, Jeanne Landry-Belleau is interested in new media communication and more specifically in the Web 2.0. Her concerns are the living network and the human evolution. To show humanist values bound to the Web 2.0 culture, she is working on a image system entitled Iconologia Web. She approach the “variable geographies” theme by dedicating a chapter about it in this project. She will study the Geography icon by taking as starting point Cesare Ripa’s. On the other hand, David J. Johnston will work on Temporal-Mental, a visual poem constructed from video footage shot every waking hour of his residency trip, from the moment he leaves the door of his home to the moment of his return. Every hour of every day, an alarm will inform him that it is time to shoot two brief videos and at least one still photograph. The end-product will be a spoken-word video constructed from words uttered at different times, every hour, over 6 weeks, 3 cities, 2 continents and 3 languages.