Red Light: Bill Vorn @ Nuit Blanche

Opening on October 2nd 2010 from 7PM to 7AM as a part of  Nuit Blanche

55 Mill Street, Studio 317
Distillery District, Toronto

RED LIGHT is an interactive robotic environment which aims to question, reformulate and subvert the notions of behavior, projection and empathy that usually characterize the relationship between human beings and machines. Red Light is  following in Bill Vorn’s artistic practice about creating artificial worlds. This project evokes a certain “deviance of the machines” as it would exist in the hottest areas of a fictive world populated exclusively by these cybernetic creatures. This installation project also explores techniques and technologies related to parallel robotics and to pneumatics with the construction of home-made pneumatic muscles.

Eight machines react to the presence of viewers by generating sound and light and by moving their body in a very organic but unusual way. Each robot is an assembly of four segments joined by twelve McKibben actuators (air muscles). Six machines are hanging from the ceiling and two machines are convulsing on the floor. Red Light is a place where the human qualities of the machine and the machinic nature of man are intermixed and become blurred.