Electronic Bric-A-Bracs

InterAccess is opening a mini-shop to sell new media ephemera, multiples, and publications. Electronic Bric-a-Bracs is meant to provide an alternate platform for the dissemination of new media work by showcasing small, cheap, and multiple projects.

Housed in a single shelving unit nestled between our offices and the washroom, the shop will receive a high volume of traffic from staff, artists, gallery patrons, and anxious members of the public.

Items will be sold on consignment, details below.

How to Submit:

We are seeking submissions for the shop on an ongoing basis.

Eligible items must be:

  • produced in an edition of ten and over
  • have a retail price of $100 and under

To submit, please include:

  • a photo or drawing of the item
  • brief description (including size)
  • cost (remember to factor the consignment rates into your cost)


Proceeds from the sale of an item at Electronic Bric-a-Bracs will be divided between the artist (65%) and InterAccess (35%). InterAccess members will receive an extra 10% on any items they sell (raising their share of the proceeds to 75%).

Please click here for a pdf of InterAccess’ Call for Submissions for Electronic Bric-a-Bracs.

Submissions, questions can be emailed to Alex Snukal at alex.snukal@interaccess.org