do it – play it – The Temporary Stedelijk

In cooperation with the Innovatie Cultuuruitingen Foundation, the BKVB Foundation, the City of Amsterdam and many other donors, the Stedelijk Museum presents the third Do It! evening on November 18, Play It!, which revolves  around the latest forms of interactive media art. During this evening visitors can play games, and the augmented reality tour that artist Jan Rothuizen created especially for the Stedelijk will be launched.

During ‘Play it!’ there will be experiments with and reflections on the latest forms of interactive media art: from artistic games to internet art; from experiments with augmented reality for mobile phones to media hacking. What kind of user experiences will these media art forms produce? How do they relate to our mass-media society? What future perspectives do they offer the museum and its collection? Is gaming the new learning?

Various international experts reflect on these subjects, among them are Matt Adams of Blast Theory and the New Zealand media artist, Julian Oliver.

There are also several interactive media presentations of, to name a few, the Stedelijk Museum ARtours project (which will present the new augmented reality tour made by artist Jan Rothuizen), A Split Second, a gaming initiative from SubmarineChannel and the Stedelijk Museum, in which three games are currently developed by Han Hoogerbrugge en Sander van der Vegte [FLX] , Marcel van Eeden en Jorrit de Vries [Gone] and Jochem van der Spek [StyleClash], media artist Sander Veenhof, the AR/RFID lab of the KABK and Boomerang Create.