support the secret trial doc

YZO friend and Board member John Greyson forwarded a call to support a new documentary about Canada’s security certificate cases – five men held without charges for 2-7 years during this past decade. It seems like a very worthy cause, especially in light of the recent suspension of civil liberties and mass arrests in Toronto during the G20 Summit.

The Secret Trial 5 is a new crowdfunded documentary that examines the human impact of Canada’s “war on terror”; specifically the use of security certificates, a tool that allows for indefinite detention, with no charges, and secret evidence. Over the last decade, 5 men have been held under security certificates in Canada. They spent between 2 and 7 years in prison each. None of them was ever charged with a crime. ”

THE SECRET TRIAL 5 INTRO VIDEO from The Secret Trial 5 on Vimeo.