Alan Turing Documentary

Alan Turing was a complicated and eccentric genius – a man ahead of his time. In the 1930s, this British mathematician envisioned a digital world few others could imagine. During World War II, he broke the German naval Enigma code and helped Britain defeat the Nazis. As the father of computer science and a leading theorist of artificial intelligence, today Turing is considered one of the 20th century’s most important people. He never saw the world he helped create: instead, after being persecuted for his homosexuality by the government he helped save, Turing took his own life in 1954.

The Genius of Alan Turing, (working title) a feature-length drama documentary, will examine Turing’s extraordinary life, tragic death, and enduring legacy. Despite Turing’s role in shaping our modern world, most people don’t know his story. This film will help change that fact.