Medium – Kate Armstrong


Kate Armstrong’s Medium is a print book which revisits Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s 1967 book The Medium is the Massage. The original book has been flattened and matched with compositionally similar images from the internet. Each page has been matched multiple times, keeping the pages in order, so that the new version of the book is three times the size of the original and is comprised of loose, impressionistic human or corporate documents like powerpoint graphs or photographs of refrigerators. Doing it this way sort of explodes the original. It is like the original book is blowing up.
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Kate Armstrong is a Vancouver-based artist, writer, and independent curator. Her interdisciplinary practice merges networked media, written forms and urban experiences and engages with open forms of experimental narrative that bring poetics and computational function together in physical or network space. In the past this has taken a variety of forms including net art, psychogeography, social media platforms, drawings, and books. Recent exhibitions include Rhode Island School of Design Gallery (Rhode Island, 2010), Pace Digital Gallery (New York, 2009), Akbank Sanat (Istanbul, 2008), Prairie Art Gallery (Grande Prairie, 2008), Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts (San Francisco, 2006), ISEA (San Jose, 2006), Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Vancouver, 2006), and Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius, 2005).

She is the author of Source Material Everywhere (2011), the 12 volume bookwork Path (2008), Why Some Dolls are Bad (2007), Grafik Dynamo (2005), PING (2003) as well as Crisis & Repetition: Essays on Art and Culture (Michigan State University Press, 2002).