McLu-uhms – Jhave


McLu-uhms occur whenever someone is confronted by a theorist they should have thoroughly read, but know only thru aphorisms.

I first read McLu-uhm when I was 14 because there was a photo of a naked cellist (wrapped intransparent plastic) on page 96 in the Medium is the Massage. There is a libidinal contradiction underlying intellect.

While McLuhan deals in vast hyperbole, data plumbers toil with protocols.
While McLuhan deals with culture memes, neurology deals with the mechanics of the brain.

For me McLuhan is images, images are erotic, and that is why I go, uhm…


Jhave  is a Montreal-based digital-poet. He is currently completing a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary Humanities program at Concordia University where he works as a research affiliate with OBX, TML & NT2. Jhave uses algorithms as aesthetic tools; and believes that moist matter is quasi-sentient. His work is an attempt to harmoniously reconcile computation, emotion, concepts, and the ancient idea of artist as conduit.
Since 1999, he has published language-art online (instead of on paper) at Jhave has released a limited edition usb-key version of a decade of this web-work.