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  • 12.28.2006

    interactive visual tower

    An impressive interactive full-building facade on a 145m high tower in Brussels (Dexia Tower, Belgium), on which 4200 windows can be individually illuminated by RGB-colored LED bars.

  • 12.28.2006


    location one | “an exploration into the sharing of the senses”

  • 12.21.2006

    Low-Cost illuminated signage for todays responsible citizen

    Low-cost, illuminated signage for todays responsible citizen courtesy of the GRL and the Eyebeam OpenLab. This tutorial will explain the tools and processes we used to combine LED christmas lights, plexi-glass and rope to make our own low-power signage on the cheap link via makezine

  • 12.20.2006

    Call for applications: Festival Break 2.4

    Call for applications: Festival Break 2.4, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 5-18 November 2007 The purpose of the multimedia festival Break is to explore new artistic expressions and contemporary topics and to emphasize emerging poetics whose artistic discourse has not yet been deep-rooted within firmly established standards, criteria and cultural values. The ninth edition of the festival, Break […]

  • 12.19.2006

    vague terrain :: minimalism the Toronto-based digital arts quarterly, has just launched its fifth issue: vague terrain 05: minimalism. This issue is dedicated to an exploration of minimalism and technology through various texts and multimedia projects which document and explore reductionism. This diverse body of work contains contributions spanning multiple mediums from: aidan baker, bleupulp, clinker, granny’ark, greg […]

  • 12.13.2006

    weather visualisation

    an aesthetic representation of weather data, “designed to stretch the way we understand weather data”. using real-time RSS feeds from user-selected geographical places, the application creates an artistically-driven space that dynamically changes as the weather changes over time. different variables (e.g. humidity, wind direction, wind speed, temperature) determine the visual parameters of the animations (e.g. […]

  • 12.12.2006


    “Oppera Internettikka – Protection et SÚcuritÚ” explores the poetics of a contemporary sound form — opera as a sound event for the audience in the form of a live internet audio broadcast. In that way it combines the notion of the world wide web communication protocols and classical artspace — an opera house. Opera is […]

  • 12.08.2006

    Web Art Residency

    New media creation Residency program for web art production SUBMISSION DEADLINE : FEBRUARY 15, 2007 At the crossroad of visual arts, literature and new media Featuring works of fiction for the web, Agence TOPO supports the convergence of visual arts, literature and new media, the renewal of narrative genres on the web and a […]

  • 12.06.2006

    interactive pillows

    a pair of interactive pillows designed to enhance long-distance communication. users can interact with a pillow in a specific location, which activate dynamic textile patterns in a pillow located elsewhere: by leaning against, touching, or hugging a pillow, the pattern on the other pillow activates & glows dynamically. these ambient patterns expand the vocabulary for […]

  • 12.03.2006


    Submission Deadline January 3, 2007 Subtle Technologies is a four-day multidisciplinary Festival exploring complex and subtle relationships between art and science. The annual international event combines symposia, exhibitions, workshops and performances that juxtapose cutting-edge artistic projects and scientific exploration.