InterAccess Anthology Exhibition :: Call for Submissions


InterAccess is seeking written anthology proposals and special exhibition/event submissions

InterAccess slides into silver with special events, exhibitions and parties commemorating our 25 anniversary in September 2007! Topping it off, in 2008, we are publishing an anthology on the past 25 years of electronic and new media art theory and practice in Canada. We are seeking proposals from across Canada (and from friends in far-away places), from those members, artists, curators and technological innovators who have helped shape our first 25 years, and those who may form the next 25. We want to hear from you!

Rather than simply celebrating our history past, we are interested in the “new” of new media, recognizing that the new is often a reconsideration of what has already come before. Complex feedback and feed-forward loops connect artists, technologies, galleries, centres, the public and culture — what happens when time, when history, is no longer linear and unidirectional, when time’s arrow branches off in all directions, when future events cause past and present to be rewritten or reframed?

We are seeking critical and creative contributions that reflect on Canadian new media art over the past 25 years, and look ahead to the next 25. We welcome essays, speculative fiction, interviews and analyses and histories (to name just a few ideas) from contributors across Canada, including those associated with other centres who may have parallel histories to InterAccess, emerging new media artists/writers, founding members, supporters, volunteers, new friends and old. Though we are mainly seeking written submissions, visual projects may also be considered. The anthology will blend successful submissions with invited writers and respondents. Those whose proposals are selected will be invited to contribute a finished manuscript to a publication planned for 2008, and will receive a contributor’s fee upon publication.

Please submit:
– a proposal of up to 750 words detailing your ideas and research
– a c.v., up to 3 pages, including publishing history if applicable

We are seeking proposals from electronic and new media artists, curators and partners for exhibitions and events which may highlight or reframe InterAccess’s history. Members and artists past and present are encouraged to submit ideas for a main space exhibition, a short-term event or performance, night-time window screenings, studio production events, workshops, interventions, and more. InterAccess represents a wide membership, community and artistic population. We invite applications from across Canada, from all artists including those who are ethnically and racially diverse. Please visit our web site for detailed submission instructions: