geoweb: a body of artistic works on the geographic web

On Wednesday,  May 26, 2010, at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT ] in Montreal, Agence TOPO launches a body of four web art projects exploring the thematic of the geographic web.

Nowadays, popular cartographic and earth visualization tools have become an increasingly tangible component of how we experience the web. Moreover, the use of geolocalization systems is spreading and increasingly present in the digital world. Artists are appropriating these technologies to explore the will to “situate” and their projects question the new geographic consciousness brought about by these network practices. Selected by curator Sylvie Parent, the artists Matthew Biederman (Montréal), Grégory Chatonsky (Montréal), Zahra Poonawala (Strasbourg, France) and Cheryl Sourkes (Toronto) benefited from support and production residencies at Agence TOPO to create web-based works on this theme in 2009-2010,

With Spectrum Survey, Biederman investigates on the surrounding electromagnetic spectrum. In Circulation, Chatonsky uses urban traffic sites and their RSS feeds to control dialogues between a man and a woman. Poonawala proposes an unusual sight of the world with a collection of outside speakers in Public Address System, and Sourkes proposes GeoTag, a web version of the word game Geography.
An essay by the curator Sylvie Parent complements the project online.