Pocket Video Workshops

Workshop dates
November 15 to 18, 2010 from 10AM to 4PM.
Workshops will be held at InterAccess, 9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto.

Julià Carboneras Girgas
Nacho Durán
Fernando Velázquez,

Overview of activities
The objective of this 20-hour workshop is to learn how to produce micro-narratives in the form of celu-films (pocket film/video); those created for and by portable devices, encouraging audiovisual experimentation in these formats.

The workshops’s primary focus is to create/produce rather than to think; in order for there to be a conscious appropriation of this process and its means of production. Throughout the workshop the following topics will be explored: creation of platforms to create celu-films/videos, analysis of videoblogs and servers from an esthetic, technological and ethical point of view, the study of compression formats, codecs, free software culture and new ideas surrounding themes such as copyright, reproduction and ethics in a digital world.

Is a practical workshop where student will learn how to maximize the image use of their cell phones and other portable devices that can record video. Learn how to record videos in your portable device, download media to computer, add sound, edit your files, and finally export.

Each group of participants will produce 2 short videos.