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  • 05.10.2007

    ISEA 2008 Call for Proposals

    ISEA 2008 Call for Proposals Artist In Residence @ National University of Singapore. The organizing committee of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts 2008 (ISEA2008) with generous support from the National University of Singapore (NUS), is soliciting proposals from New Media artists to work collaboratively with NUS centers of research and arts in preparation of […]

  • 05.08.2007


    Guess-the-google is a game where the user guesses keyword based on a gridded montage of 20 images generated from google image search engine. The game requires version 8 of the Flash player or higher. also see montage-a-google

  • 05.07.2007

    ambient living energy tree

    an ambient visualisation device that controls the watering & feeding of a tree depending on the energy usage & the monitoring of appliances, heating/cooling, and recycling habits. if the user is extremely efficient with energy use, the tree receives nutrients & water, while it will “poison & malnourish the tree, eventually killing it”, otherwise. […]

  • 05.07.2007
  • 05.04.2007


    Call for Submissions – PLAY/GROUNDS a new festival of site-specific installation work in Parkdale Deadline: Friday June 22, 2007 The festival seeks to challenge popular notions of public space, and to explore how diverse populations creatively relate with and within the shared spaces of their community. Parkdale is one of Toronto�s most diverse neighbourhoods, with […]

  • 05.01.2007

    Real Costs

    Real Costs is a Firefox plug-in that inserts emissions data into travel related e-commerce website. The first version adds CO2 emissions information to airfare websites such as,,, etc. Following versions will work with car directions, car rental, and shipping websites. Think of it like the nutritional information labeling on the back of […]