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  • 06.02.2010

    subtle technologies highlights

    So this is it, Subtletek week and as the festival draws near, we’ve been intensifying our blogging. Our latest posts on the contingent ecologies blog have varied from biotek for kids to eco art and green cities. So far we’ve had a workshop on making electricity from junk to power devices like cellphones. On Friday […]

  • 07.13.2007

    Second Life Workshop at InterAccess

    Second Life: Foundations, Sites of Engagement, and Remediations of History Location: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Toronto, ON M6J 2Y8 416 599 7206 Instructors: Patrick Lichty (a.k.a. Man Michinaga), Scott Kildall (a.k.a. Great Escape), Second Front Collective Dates: Monday July 16 and Monday, July 23, 7pm-10pm both days Cost: $125 (non members) $100 (members) Day […]